We strive to give you the best of the best. In the years that we’ve spent in the industry, homebuyers have always asked me “What do I need to do when I buy a house?” We’ve composed a step-by-step guide that organizes the buying process to make buying a house simple and fun!

We’ll Search For Your Dream Home
We’ll Craft & Negotiate Winning Offer
Get The Keys and Enjoy Your New Home
Melding Professionalism with Passion in Every Transaction

Your Dream Home Awaits

Home buying isn’t simply a transaction—it’s a journey of the heart. It can elicit a spectrum of emotions, from excitement to apprehension, from hope to overwhelm. At The Watkins Team TX, we understand these deeply human responses, and we approach your home search with empathy, care, and the utmost professionalism. We’re not just purchasing a property; we’re helping you discover a sanctuary where your dreams can flourish.

Our process starts with listening. We learn about your desires, your needs, your vision for a home. Our focus is always on you, as we believe each homebuyer’s dreams are a unique fingerprint, guiding us in our search. With patience and diligence, we embark on a tireless hunt for the ideal home that aligns with your vision in the vast, varied landscapes of Texas.

When we believe we’ve found a match, we approach the potential choice with meticulous care, double-checking that it truly meets your needs. We then apply our extensive understanding of Texas real estate and our honed negotiation skills to ensure that your dream home is also a wise investment.

At The Watkins Team TX, your home buying journey is a shared venture. We treat it with the gravity it deserves, as we know it’s one of the most significant decisions of your life. Our commitment to providing top-tier service is uncompromising. We hold ourselves to high standards of professionalism, but more importantly, we hold ourselves to high standards of heart. In every transaction, every interaction, we’re not just doing business; we’re helping dreams come to life.


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“Ten out of Ten and would use them again”

“Gaye and Steve were patient in helping us find our dream home. Once we did they were on top of everything to help us make the deal go smoothly! And it did! I 10/10 recommend and would use them again. Gay and Steve are also organized and connected. Steve was especially helpful during the inspection process because he has personal experience in the home building industry. You can trust these two!! “:)”

Our Goal is to Help You Buy a home you can’t wait to come home to.

Prepare yourself for an adventure—a quest in pursuit of your dream home. Be it your first nesting place, a tenth investment property, a serene retirement abode, or anything in between, The Watkins Team TX is here to transform the home-buying process from just another task into an exciting journey. Our mission is to help you locate that perfect home, not just hassle-free, but with an infusion of joy. We pledge to employ all our skills and the vast resources at our disposal to turn your dream into reality.

Your ideal home is but a piece of the puzzle. As your real estate partners, The Watkins Team TX opens doors to a network of experts in every related field, from financial wizards in lending to masters of relocation. We’re not just realtors, we are your conduit to comprehensive real estate solutions.

Buying a home isn’t merely a transaction—it’s a milestone, a momentous decision that touches the core of your life. Most folks only get to make this choice a handful of times. That’s why we equip you with the most current information and ensure you’re well-prepared to make this significant decision. With The Watkins Team TX, your home-buying journey isn’t just about a destination, but an unforgettable, empowering experience.


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Looking to Buy or Sell a Home and Have a Great Real Estate Experience? Let’s Talk.

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