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Drive up State Highway 249 from Houston, and you’ll discover the charm of Tomball, a Houston suburb fondly known as “Oiltown, USA”. Combining its historic legacy with modern conveniences, Tomball stands out as an enticing residential choice.

Real Estate in Tomball, Texas

The diversity in Tomball’s real estate is evident. With properties ranging from a modest $31K to a whopping $7.5M, there’s something for every buyer. The median listing price as of July 2023 stood at $409.7K, reflecting a minor contraction of 3.6% year-over-year. This softening of prices might be indicative of broader economic factors or specific local developments.

The median listing price per square foot, an important metric for real estate comparisons, was pegged at $173. Comparatively, the median sold price was at $325K. This discrepancy between listing and sold prices suggests that while sellers have optimistic expectations, the actual transactional value realizes at a slightly conservative number.

The Sale-to-List Price Ratio stood at an impressive 99.17% in July 2023. This indicates that homes in Tomball were sold very close to their asking prices, revealing a balanced market where neither buyers nor sellers had a significant upper hand.

The label of a ‘buyer’s market’ in July 2023 further reinforces the idea that there’s an abundance of choices available for potential buyers. An influx of listings, combined with a slightly subdued demand, has created this dynamic.

Homes in Tomball have an average market duration of 31 days. This turnaround time, which has decreased since the previous year, suggests a relatively brisk pace of transactions, indicating a healthy level of interest and activity in the Tomball real estate space.

Cost of Living Insights

Tomball’s cost of living is pleasantly below the national average, with an individual requiring about $34,400 annually for standard expenses. Housing options are varied, with a median home price in the mid-$400s, but affordability is evident with homes available in the $200s. Rental culture is strong, with around half the homes being rented, averaging just above $1,000 per month. Being a car-centric city, transportation costs factor in, but even these are slightly below the national average.

Job Market Overview

With over 1,500 diverse businesses, Tomball offers robust employment opportunities. Major employers include Tomball ISD schools, Lone Star College, Tomball Regional Medical Center, Baker Hughes Manufacturing, and others. The Tomball Business & Technology Park further amplifies the city’s industrial presence.

Leisure and Entertainment

Outdoor Activities

With numerous parks and trails, Tomball is a haven for nature enthusiasts. The Theis Attaway Nature Center, Juergens Park, and others offer recreational spaces, while golf aficionados can tee off at local clubs.

Local Attractions

Historic Downtown Tomball and antique shops promise unique experiences. For those seeking modern leisure, Tomball Bowl provides a bowling alley.

Culinary and Nightlife

From live music at Main Street Crossing to hand-brewed mead at Thirsty Bee Meadery, and the unique combination of chocolate and BBQ at Tejas Chocolate + Barbecue, Tomball’s food scene and nightlife are vibrant and diverse.

Tomball Climate

Boasting mostly sunny days, Tomball experiences warm summers with temperatures sometimes reaching 95°F, accompanied by humidity. Winters are mild with highs around 65°F, making outdoor activities feasible throughout the year.

Transportation & Traffic

Navigating through Tomball is streamlined thanks to an efficient road network, including Main Street and State Highway 249. The commute to Houston averages 45 minutes to an hour and 40 minutes during peak hours. Within the city, traffic remains moderate, with peak congestion around work commute times.

Public Transportation

While many residents prefer personal vehicles, Tomball offers taxi services and specialized ride programs like RIDES for the elderly and disabled.

Education in Tomball

The Tomball ISD oversees the majority of the city’s schools, complemented by private and charter institutions. For higher education, Lone Star College-Tomball offers an array of courses, and proximity to Houston’s premier universities adds to Tomball’s educational advantage.

Why Tomball Stands Out

Continually evolving, Tomball seamlessly blends leisure and professionalism. From its public parks to shopping locales, delectable eateries to a thriving job market, Tomball ensures its residents a wholesome lifestyle. With diverse housing options and a plethora of amenities, Tomball, near Houston, is undoubtedly an ideal place to create a lifestyle you’ll adore.


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